Partial Client List

Direct Selling:

Beauty Control Cosmetics
Discovery Toys


Coldwell Banker
DDB & Associates
Farmers Insurance
Ford Motor Company
Mutual of Omaha
New York Life
Paul Mitchell
Tarbell Real Estate
The Oxford Company
Villa Mortgage
Western Management Associates


Speakers and Authors:

Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker.

Orvel Ray Wilson is the BEST-SELLING Author of the Guerrilla Selling, Guerrilla Networking, Guerrilla Teleselling and other series of best-selling Sales & Marketing books. He holds the highest earned certification conferred by the speaking industry: Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). With fewer than 300 professional speakers worldwide having earned this honor, Orvel Ray Wilson is one of the top Sales, Marketing & Motivational Speakers in the US and World.

Rhonda Britten Emmy Award-winner, repeat Oprah guest - is the founder of the Fearless Living Institute, an organization dedicated to giving anyone the tools they need to master their emotional fears, and the author of four national bestsellers including Fearless Living which features her groundbreaking work called the Wheel Technology. During her three seasons on the hit daytime reality drama, Starting Over, Britten was named "America's Favorite Life Coach" and was dubbed Starting Over's "Most Valuable Player" by The New York Times. She is a globally recognized expert on the subject of fear and fearlessness.

Terri Lonier is a business owner, consultant, author, and advisor to solo professionals for more than 20 years. A pioneer in the solo entrepreneurial movement, she is the author of hundreds of articles, three audio programs, and five books. Her classic entrepreneurial startup guide, Working Solo, was named the #1 choice for solo entrepreneurs by Inc. magazine and "the free agent's bible" by Fast Company magazine.Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fortune, Business Week, Fast Company, Inc., Home Office Computing, and other publications, as well as on CNBC, CNN/fn, the BBC, and radio programs nationwide.

Rodney Grieve. Rodney is a founding partner is BRANTA Worldwide. He has nearly 20 years of industry and consulting experience helping organizations, teams and individuals create an environment of success.

Terry Brock, CSP, Terry Brock is a professional speaker and a columnist for Business Journals around the United States. He writes about technology, marketing and the Internet weekly in his column Succeeding Today. He has been in business since 1983 helping business leaders and professionals to achieve success.

Carol Gardener and Zelda. Carol is the creator of Zelda Wisdom, the series of books, calendars figurines, and more featuring the lovable Zelda.

Dian Thomas, NY Times Best Selling author, 8 years on the Today Show and The Tonight Show.

Dr. Janet Lapp CSP CPAE. creator and host of the award-winning CBS series Keep Well, author of Dancing with Tigers, Plant your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air, and Positive Spin™ Over the past 25 years, Dr. Janet Lapp has established a global reputation for turning problems into opportunities, and is called on for the most challenging of change efforts.
From the government of the city of St. Petersburg Russia, to executive CFO’s in Argentina, Dr. Lapp’s firm has had a 100% success rate in meeting client objectives. As one of North America’s most in-demand presenters, she has been admitted into the prestigious Speakers Hall of Fame ... the “Oscar” of Professional Speaking, and has been rated by TI as one of the top three speakers worldwide. The powerful messages in her high-impact, humorous and inspirational programs turn fast change into competitive advantage.

Jeff Salz Ph.D., author of The Way of Adventure, guest expert on the hit series Survivor, the Discovery Channel and the Travel Channel. He is a cultural anthropologist, explorer, and journalist--has made a life out of adventure. He has traversed most of the remaining blank spots on the map, living with the Turkestani Khazaks of Central Asia, riding with the Gauchos of Argentina and nomads of Mongolia, and searching for Shangri-La among the lost valleys of the Himalayas. For three months, he led the Chinese army on a merry chase while traveling in disguise with the Khampa nomads of Tibet. Guest adventure expert for CBS
Early Morning show. Discovery Channel film maker and host and was the Creativity consultant for The Lion King, the top grossing film of all time.

Mark S.A. Smith, In 1992 Mark joined The Guerrilla Group and co-authored Guerrilla Trade Show Selling, Guerrilla Teleselling, and Guerrilla Negotiating. He’s written more than 350 articles on sales and marketing topics, and has been quoted in business publications such as Inc. Magazine, the Denver Business Journal, and The Denver Post. Author of 11 books and audio tapes.

Bonnie Dean, Bonnie is the CCO (Chief Creativity Officer) of W.O.W. Presentations, an international events company that celebrates the relationships of co-workers, customers, and management. Bonnie has been described as: a veg-o-matic blend of Shakespearean actor, improve comic, sitcom starlet, soap opera diva, Vegas showgirl, Harvard professor, informercial huckster, information architect, Broadway choreographer, Navajo storyteller, circus clown, aerobics instructor, and industrial psychologist, a human hurricane of immense heart and boundless energy who throws off more sparks than a Shuttle launch.

Jodi Walker, CSP. Jodi Walker is a dynamic and entertaining speaker and brings more than 20 years of successful business, sales and training experience to the platform. She has an extensive background in the healthcare industry and has used that experience to transition universal messages to a wide appeal for any industry. Jodi has received numerous outstanding sales awards, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations, is the recipient of the Gold Microphone Award and has earned The Certified Speaking Professional Designation from the National Speakers Association.

An expert in the area of leadership, customer service, communication, creativity, and Entrepreneurial Thinking, Jodi has given presentations to participants in England, Australia, Scotland, Canada and throughout the United States. Some of her clients include Verizon, Atlas Van Lines, Ford Motor Company, Blue Cross, and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.

John Drebinger CSP, speaker, and author. For more than 16 years, John Drebinger has been helping people take personal responsibility for their own safety. He has taught thousands how to watch out for themselves and others. He is recognized by major corporations as an expert who has given their people the skills to effectively convey their message in a way that gets results. John has served others throughout his life. Dedicated to constant improvement he is a Member of the National Speakers Association and has achieved their highest earned designation, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).

George Hedley, Builder of 100 Million Dollar company, keynote speaker and business consultant

Sue Pistone, Personal & Professional Development Specialist and Expert Consultant

Bill McCurry, international speaker in the photo industry, weekly business radio show

Marilyn Wheeler, Worldwide talk show guest, author of Problem People at Work: The Essential Survival Guide

Mark Rosenberger CSP, author of The PLUS 10% Game: 52 High Impact Leverage Points to Enhance Sales, Customer Loyalty and Teamwork

Lola Gillebaard, professional speaker, writer and star of the show Life's Funny That Way

Maryellen Lapinski Ph.D., Consultant to such companies as Xerox, Coca-Cola, Scientific Atlanta and Patagonia, professor at Antioch University

Jeanette Cates, CEO of TechTamers, a training and consulting firm based in Austin, Texas

Barbara Geraghty, author of Visionary Selling, speaker to audiences of 25,000 people or more, for clients like Computer Associates, SAP, Rockwell, PeopleSoft & Siemens.

Patricia Wiklund Ph.D, author of several books programs, hosted her own television program and is a frequent guest expert on both radio and television from local shows to Oprah

Aleta Pippin, Speaker and author of 5 books, including The Authentic Entrepreneur

Scott Friedman CSP, two time Past- President of Colorado NSA, author of Using Humor for a Change

Michael Russer, CEO of People-Centric, "Mr. Internet!" and developer of the People-Centric® approach to training real estate professionals about the Internet

Joan Spear, Director at Nikken, Inc.

Bea Lewis, Candidate for State Representative

Eric Klein, Organizational Development Consultant, and author of Awakening the Corporate Soul

Sabrina Braham, MA, speaker, trainer, consultant and author of The Tranquility Zone

June Cline CSP, Speaker, humorist, past NSA Atlanta President

Mary-Jo Harte, humorist specializing in the healthcare industry and women’s market

Dr. Joan Irvine, sex expert and author of Hot Sex

Steve Kaye Ph.D., Past President GLAC, speaker and author

Cynthia Kersey, author of the best seller Unstoppable

Paul Lemberg, author of Faster than the Speed of Change

Josie Sanguineti, speaker and college educator

Brian Sturrock, speaker and world class professional gymnast

Susie Vanderlip CSP, world-class speaker for the teen market with audiences of over 7,000, author, performer, and advocate for teens

Jodi Walker, speaker, author, and past board member NSA

Carl Turner, Jay Abraham’s right hand man, speaker, author

Michelle Morris Spieker, speaker, media personality and author of The Cherished Self

Daniel Ellenberg, speaker, author and relationship guru with wife Judith Bell

Steve Mayer, former CFO, speaker, author of The Value Zone

Michael Crow, author, coach, speaker, past Director of San Diego NSA

Jennifer Miller, Celtic singer for the soundtrack for Highlander III movie

Mike Schatski MPA, CSP, author of Negotiation Dynamics: The Art of Getting What You Want

David Garfinkel, writer, direct marketer, author of The Money Making Copy Course

Eileen Brownell, author of The 12 Secrets of Unforgettable Customer Care, and speaker on The Magic of Making a Difference, 6 Secrets of Star Quality Performers

KC Warner, Consulting, training, speaking, and products and services.

Doug Miller, Executive head of the Training Dept of Jack in the Box and expert speaker/coach

Francine Poelstra, author of Pull the Chord, international speaker.

Jackie and Kevin Frieberg, Principals of S.D. Consulting Group and authors of the New York Times Best Seller Nuts, international speakers on their success with their client, Southwest Airlines

Suze Baez, speaker, educator, speech coach, author and consultant