• Help sales people sell a whole lot more
  • Find out what personalities need different kinds of encouragement and motivation
  • Show leaders how to lead so others follow passionately and get results
  • Work with top leaders on their speaking and motivational abilities
  • Help the leaders and team members find there value zones
  • Show companies and/or distributors where they are leaving money or the table and how to pick it up
  • How to show leaders how to do more in half the time
  • How to have twice the control even when you have a volunteer army
  • How to advance more quickly and get your team to advance more quickly
  • How to create nearly instant products to save you time and energy and aide in DUPLICATION!!!
  • Sarah Victory will speak to your regional teams and both motivate and share the industry secrets no one will tell them
  • One on one coaching for you and your teams
  • Media training and power dressing techniques to draw people to you faster
  • Step by step how to Network advanced- best places to go and roll playing for fast results guaranteed
  • 21 forms of free P/R available and taught to you and your team
  • Phone coaching and accountability systems set up and follow up systems set up
  • Free teleclasses for all available (industry specific or specially for your company, daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Marketing materials, web materials written, over seen, adapted, vendors found if necessary
  • Branding, Titling, training materials developed and written

All packages are completely custom designed and almost all work is done by US unless you have a very large project or people you are already working with. We are extremely good at saving money on things you don’t need and getting results with the things you already have that should be making you money already.

To consulting which is obviously more complex and includes more deliverables and varies based on the scope of the work, number of people to be worked with and the value of the results we can create. Obviously when we can create a few million in extra profits and we know the client will reap those extra rewards for years to come the value of our work is valued well of course. We even have people who send us bonuses and residual checks after our work simply because the results were beyond their wildest expectations; which is why we love what we do much!

So, the investment for consulting usually ranges somewhere around $10,000.00 a month based on the value that the client places on those results and what we consider to be fair for those results too of course.

The work is done mainly by Sarah Victory with our wonderful team backing me up. Sometimes the client loves to work with vendors and that is great, we can make recommendations or oversee their people and often we pull in specialists for things like web and other design and audio and video, and editing, and other production needs from trusted associate companies that we have screened, and worked with before and then project manage so that the client can relax and enjoy the business of his or her business.

We hope this gives you a few ideas of some of the things that we do in our obsession to grow people and grow companies.

Feel free to call for a free assessment and advice on the growing of your business. You deserve the best always.

Continued Success to You,

Sarah Victory

The Victory Company Inc.


We aren’t for everyone and are far too busy to try to be! So, we are good at giving great free up front advise and then being very candid about what services people do in fact need. We turn away about eighteen of every 20 companies and individuals who come to us because we can either show people how to do the work themselves for free (free is one of our favorite words after all!) or can find easy solutions for them elsewhere that require less comprehensive help or we simply don’t see a company as being quite ready and send people off to prepare and advance their companies further first.

However, when there is a great fit it is completely obvious to all. And the kinds of things we do with our client are these just to name a few.

For over 16 years now we have been working with people to help them grow their businesses. As a consulting firm we are known for very personal service and talking on a very few select clientele each year that we know we can work with well to help double their business and give them the visibility and credibility in the market place that they deserve. Almost all of our current clients come to us from happy successful previous clients.

We often work with Network Marketing or Direct Sales companies or high ranking distributors and their teams to help them leverage with what have already and enhance their star power and play up the strengths of the members of their teams.

Fortune 100 corporations like MCI and IBM and Ford have hired Sarah Victory as a speaker and consultant. She has also worked with celebrities, famous best selling authors; professional speakers in the Speakers Hall of Fame, 29 clients have appeared on Oprah, dozens on the Today Show, Tonight Show, CNN, some have their own weekly or daily television shows.

Our consulting contracts often are over a period of a year to eighteen months and have specific goals set up in the beginning with measurable results at each point along the way. Often we can show a company how to save ten or twenty percent in the first month or how to increase sales in the first ninety days!