During her 15 years as a speaking professional, Sarah has spoken to audiences from 5 to 5,000, across the United States, Europe and South America, and she has coached many top speaking professionals. See our testimonials page to see what audiences have to say about how dynamic, moving, fun, transformational, and information-packed Sarah’s presentations are! If you are interesting in having Sarah speak at your convention or program, please contact us at 1-800-733-8371, ext. 2, to check availability and costs.

Double Your Network Marketing Business FAST!

Whether you are just getting started and want to hit the ground running, or this is your year to build big, this program will give you the concrete tools and skills AND the inspiration to manifest your financial dreams via your Network Marketing business.

Sarah will show you how and where to network, what to do after you've talked to everyone you know (your "warm market"), how to say what you do so that people will buy from you, how to get your prospects to tell you how to sell to them, how to qualify potential recruits, and more!

Do Something Brave Every Day!

You deserve a life you LOVE! Learn how to find the magic in your life! Purpose, peace and joy! This program is dynamic, funny, moving, and filled with true down to earth wisdom. Tap into your real desires, identify what fulfills you most, and focus on moving your life or business to a place beyond your wildest imagination! Sarah has taken the best from her 1000 motivating speeches and life lessons learned from her over 400 loyal coaching clients and shares it with you in this, her most popular keynote program. Come ready to be transformed and inspired like never before!

Double Your Business in One Year or Less!

Where do you start when you need to Double your business in one year or less? Sarah will give you both the motivation and how-to’s to go out and accomplish your entrepreneurial goals. You'll learn The 7 Secrets to Successfully Doubling Your Business Fast, how to say what you do so that people will buy it from you, how to position your company and have a brand like the big guys without a big budget, insider secrets to gaining visibility and recognition fast, how to get the attention of the media, and more!

Speaking Magic: Double Your Impact on Any Audience Instantly!
In this presentation, Sarah will show you how to make your talks both dynamic and effective, from your one-minute networking pitch, your sales presentations, and the way you motivate others, to your formal speeches. You'll learn how to build your talk around a "super-objective," how to create signature stories, tricks to "owning the room," and how to relate with your audience such that they are moved and inspired, and will never forget you! Whether you want to get standing ovations, or just a lot more sales, this is for you!

To see samples from Sarahs speeches and programs, check out the Sample page.

For more information on booking Sarah, contact us at 800-733-8371 X 2

"Now I know why everyone told me you would make me look so good! You were astounding! I have never seen a standing ovation where people actually STOOD on their chairs and cheered!"

Donna Reiling of Arbonne International