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During her 15 years as a speaking professional, Sarah has spoken to audiences from 5 to 5,000, across the United States, Europe and South America, and she has coached many top speaking professionals. ​

As a consulting firm we are known for very personal service and talking on a very few select clientele each year that we know we can work with well to help double their business and give them the visibility and credibility in the market place that they deserve.


TVC Inc. is a full service speaking and consulting firm. Among the services we offer are keynote speeches, motivational speeches, business development. Consulting services including speech sequencing and story development, rehearsal and audience interaction techniques, media training and presentation coaching, branding and identity support, book titling, chapter titling and marketing plans, collateral and web site project management and copywriting, sales and marketing planning and implementation support, and audio and video product design and development.

2033 Milwaukee Ave
Riverwoods IL 60015

Our clients refer to us as a "One-Stop Shop" for all their speaking and business development needs. As a TVC Inc. Client, you get all the information, how-to’s and support that you need to take your company or your career exactly where you want to go.