“Sarah Victory has literally made me millions of dollars”

-Mark S.A. Smith International Speaker and best-selling author

Sarah Victory helps her clients in four distinct ways:

  1. She speaks worldwide. Sarah has spoken to more than 1,100 top organizations since 1995.
  2. She coaches stars and soon-to-be-stars in all walks of business and life. Sarah has worked with speakers, authors, athletes,       celebrities, coaches, consultants and CEO's to increase overall success.
  3. She has the rare and proven ability to make a brilliant speaker out of the shiest person you could imagine… and she helps top pro speakers reach even higher levels.
  4. Sarah helps experts write best-selling books.


Sarah Victory is an award-winning speaker, famous for her programs Double your Business in One Year or Less! Do Something Brave Every Day, and Speaking Magic: 7 Secrets to Speak Like A Pro. She has shared these programs with audiences more than 1100 times in Europe, South America, across the US and Canada. Among her clients are: IBM, Farmers Insurance, Tupperware, Arbonne, Usana, Ford and Redken.

Sarah has numerous books and audio books, including two best-sellers. Her NEW book is called How to Be Powerful: Insider Secrets to Brilliant Leadership, Sales and Speaking. For more information on Sarah's programs contact us.


Whether you are looking to grow your business… you want to be a brilliant speaker, or you want to write an exceptional book… or all three, Sarah can help. She has worked with more than 550 speakers, authors, celebrities, sports stars, and CEO's.

You've seen Sarah's clients on Oprah, The Today Show, The Tonight Show, and CNN.


Sarah helps:

  • Sales teams sell more.
  • People become professional speakers.
  • Business owners speak to grow their business.
  • Professional speakers get into the Speakers Hall of Fame.
  • And experts write books that get them noticed and get more business.

“Guerrillas never argue with results, and in less than one year I have doubled my entire business!

The Guerrilla Series has now sold over 14 Million Books!

Sarah Victory is my favorite Guerrilla SECRET WEAPON!”

-Orvel Ray Wilson author of the international bestseller Guerrilla Selling

Steve Victory

Steve Victory makes sure you have everything you need from us and more. Creating online solutions and materials for us and for you the clients. With a background in software development Steve went on to be a leader at Interplay Inc., helping to insure quality in computer games such as Fallout. This makes him the perfect person to run all our behind-the-scenes technology and helping to make sure every client has what they need to succeed. He joined Sarah Victory in the company in 2000

Steve prefers to work with his rescue dog Buddy on his lap.

Laura McCabe: (Amazing Executive Assistant)

Laura McCabe is the “Radar O'Reilly” (from M.A.S.H.) of office gurus, as she can anticipate what you need before you even know you need it. Laura has degrees from USC, has worked on television and film productions in Hollywood, and truly enjoys helping people.

Sarah Victory started her entrepreneurial journey early. Here she is “coaching” her little brother: