“Sarah Victory has literally made me millions of dollars”

-Mark S.A. Smith International Speaker and best-selling author

" I am so much further than I was a year ago. And I have Sarah to thank for that...I now have paying

clients and another book coming out and an actual direction."

-Dr. Elizabeth Clamon Speaker, Coach, International best-selling author

People come to me for one or more of these reasons:

You want more business

You want more speaking 

You want to speak brilliantly

You would like to write a book

You want to make sure your team wins the business every time

By working with me, clients accomplish all of those things. Many doubling their business, many going on to speak professionally, or getting inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame. Some having New York Times best-selling books, some getting interviewed by Oprah, and some even getting their own shows or Ted Talks.

“In less than one year we've doubled our entire business.

The Guerrilla book series has now sold over 14 million books.

Sarah Victory is our favorite secret weapon!”

-Orvel Ray Wilson author of Guerilla Selling.

After consulting for over 550 amazing clients, I have arrived at three commitments I now make to all clients.

 I promise to do everything I can to make this happen for you: 

You will grow substantially in your business and personal power

You will be more successful as result of every session

You will have an extraordinary experience

Oh, and you will laugh at least once every time we get together. (Maybe even more!)


I consult for speakers, authors, celebrities, sports stars, consultants, coaches and many CEO's. 

People come to me to discover how to:

·       Get more business

·       Speak professionally

·       Win the sales in their sales presentations

·       Write a book

·       Get more speeches booked

·       Close more deals


Basically, I have the unusual skill of being able to grow anything but a house plant.


I only have room for about 15 clients a year, and I frequently have a waiting list to get to work with me.

So, you may have to be patient to get an appointment, but I promise you it will be worth it!


If you really want to grow and succeed, contact us now.

"In three weeks Sarah Victory showed me how to book my first $60,000 deal!" 

- Pat Gardner of

"Sarah Victory was the best money I ever spent on my career.

Since working with her I got my CSP, and have been inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame (CPAE)."

-Dr. Janet E. Lapp Ph.D.