Previous Clients:

"Now I know why everyone told me you would make me look so good!

You were astounding! I have never seen a standing ovation where people actually

STOOD on their chairs and cheered!"


-Donna Reiling of Arbonne International

Sarah Victory's most popular programs:

Double Your Business in One Year or Less!

Sarah will give you both the inspiration and the insider secrets to accomplish your business growth dreams.

You'll discover the 7 Secrets to Successfully Doubling Your Business Fast.

  • How to say what you do so that people will buy from you.
  • How to position your company and have a brand like the big guys without a big budget.
  • How to gain visibility and recognition fast
  • How to get the attention of the media.
  • How to use speaking and writing to build your business faster and easier!
  • Find never ending streams of new business
  • The one thing 99% of people don't know that you can use to be more successful!

Do Something Brave Every Day!

You deserve a life you LOVE! Discover how to find the magic in your life!

This program is dynamic, funny, moving, and filled with true down-to-earth wisdom.

  • How to be irreplaceable and in demand.
  • Be powerful in every interaction.
  • Secrets of the Value Zone, the Einstein Factor and the Oprah Effect.
  • Discover how to make a difference every day.
  • Move your life and business to a place beyond your wildest imagination!

Double your Network Marketing Business

Sarah will show you how and where to grow your business.

  • What to do after you've talked to everyone you know (your "warm market")
  • How to say what you do so that people will buy from you.
  • How to get your prospects to tell you how to sell to them.
  • How to do sizzling sales presentations that get lots of sales.
  • How to speak to persuade and inspire.
  • How to qualify potential new team members, and more!

Speaking Magic: 7 Secrets to Speak Like a Pro!

In this exciting and interactive program, you will discover how to make your speaking both dynamic and effective.

  • Insider secrets to say what you do so people buy from you.
  • The power behind sales presentations that win every time.
  • How to inspire others to buy or to take action.
  • Discover how to build your speech around a super-objective, how to create signature stories, and a Leaders Legacy.
  • Gain Broadway secrets and tricks to owning the room and how to relate with your audience so that they are moved and inspired and will never forget you!
  • Whether you want to get standing ovations or a lot more sales, this is for you!

To see samples from Sarah’s speeches and programs, check out the video page.

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“I have two words to describe Sarah Victory – ENERGETIC AND ENGAGING.

Everything done before and after Sarah in your program will pale in comparison to her.

Sarah has a unique and genuine way of bringing the best out in her audience and in her clients.

One session with Sarah will give you enough food for thought to ignite all the POSITIVE LIFE CHANGES desired and more. Sarah is not only at the top of her league. She is leading it.”

-Dale Grealish of Nike

Partial List of Clients:

·        IBM

·        Sibu

·        Mannatech

·        Nikken

·        Nuskin

·        Discovery Toys

·        Pampered Chef

·        Princess House

·        Shaklee

·        Cookie Lee

·        Arbonne

·        Usana

·        Seattle Entrepreneurs Conference

·        Cutco

·        Mary Kay

·        Watkins

·        Forester Research CIO's Conference

·        N.E.W. Entrepreneurs Association

·        United Motor Coach Association

·        Noevir

·        Tupperware

·        ATD

·        NAWBO

·        Sensaria

·        Redken

·        OPI

·        The California Women’s Conference

·        Re/Max

·        Coldwell Banker

·        Jafra

·        The Arkansas Women’s Conference

·        Avon

·        Farmers Insurance

·        Ford

·        Aveda 

·        Toyota

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A/V Requirements

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Head shot and

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